Friday, November 7, 2014

Slowly making our way South...

It is hard to grasp how long we have been working our way South. We left Newport on September 28th! We've been at this for 6 weeks already! I guess on my more tired days I will grumble that it's taking too long to move south, but I know it isn't really taking too long. Its just taking as long as we need. We have been lucky to find shelter when we needed it, a means to visit family when we've needed it (Bob's Mom had a bad fall and was in the hospital with a broken rib and we went to see Brad and Donna and baby, who is due to make her appearance any day !) a nearby church to visit on Sunday, an opportunity to provision and replace resources and do laundry, an opportunity to get off the boat for a couple of days and sleep in a lovely hotel (thank you to Steve) and most importantly the boat is performing beautifully (knock wood). So no whinging allowed. We will stay flexible and optimistic :)
We are in Solomon's Island MD with plans to move out tomorrow. The forecast (as of this morning) says we should have 5 days to sail south without interruption. We really need that window to get to the ICW before ice starts forming around here. Just kidding, its actually pretty mild, we just turn the heat on for a little in the morning to take the chill out. Hopefully, once we get into the ICW, our travel won't be quite as affected by the weather, except for the big sounds like Albemarle and Pamlico which offer little shelter from the elements. We have started seeing pelicans so we know we are headed in the right direction! I will be very excited when we start seeing dolphins and palm trees !   still loving' the slow life

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