Monday, June 30, 2014

It's been a long time since I've posted, but we really have been busy working to get ready to cruise. We've been fortunate to work with some wonderful vendors who have made life so much easier by providing their expertise and skill in a timely fashion to help us get underway. A bonus is that they have all been professional and a pleasure to work with. To give credit where credit is due, because good customer service seems hard to come by nowadays;

Neil Thurston at Thurston Canvas has built a beautiful dodger and bimini for us and designed the cover to incorporate the flexible solar panels that should replace the energy consumption from the batteries. We have a full enclosure for cold, rainy days and screen inserts for the warm days that we are in buggy country.

NorEast Marine split the inefficient, energy sucking, small fridge/big freezer set-up that came with the boat. Long story short, they realized that for either appliance to work efficiently we needed to give each their own compressor and thermostat. The benefit for me, when provisioning,  is that I can use either unit as fridge or freezer depending on the ability to replenish supplies. Big fridge on the East Coast then big freezer in the Bahamas.

Headsync LLC.  did the diesel dialysis on the fuel tank. They also installed water filters and fixed plumbing issues in the head.

Garhauer is building our dinghy davits, they promise delivery in two weeks (we just ordered them) which is pretty good for custom metal work. We have worked with Garhauer before on LUNEA and it's always a pleasure to call them and have the owner or his son answer your questions :)

Dan from Conanicut Marine replaced the alternator on the engine with a more efficient one to recharge batteries while underway.

S&S Fabrics is making cockpit cushions for Sirene. They must be incredibly busy because we ordered them in March and they are still telling us it will be a few weeks. Very frustating, but I have to put up with it because I already gave them a deposit.  :(   They've admitted that if when a big job comes in they put mine aside! Money talks. Although they do beautiful work and the personnel are pleasant, if I was to do it again (unless I had tens of thousands of B.O.A.T units to spend) I would hire another vendor.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have learned more valuable lessons along the way, so it's all good.

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